teaching baduanjin

it’s been almost a year now since i started teaching my first baduanjin class.

all students are beginners. they already received an introduction during a big seminar my shifu held before, so our class can build up on that foundation.

it’s all about the basics right now. considering the eight brocades can be structured into five learning stages, we are now working on level one: Continue reading “teaching baduanjin”

luohanshou timing and rhythm

luohanshou is the first shaolinquan i’ve ever learned.

in the beginning, it was all about getting the movements right, the usual coordinative work. also, shaolinquan has a different feel and intention compared to changquan, which was the main focus of my training all the years before.

now that i’ve reached a point where my luohanshou looks right to a certain degree, it’s time to move on to the next level. Continue reading “luohanshou timing and rhythm”

learning the eight brocades

it was in autumn.

shifu took us to an ancient village in the mountains north-west of beijing. we stayed at one of the old houses, which even today remain just as they were a hundred years ago.

our day was simple. get up early, train in the courty yard. after breakfast, we would take a hike in the mountains or visit the village’s temple. maybe have a tea break on top of the hills. then return home before sunset. Continue reading “learning the eight brocades”

spring festival – year of the rooster

over the last years, i used to spend chinese spring festival at my shifu’s place in beijing. this time, i couldn’t make it, but visited my shixiong nearby to spend chunjie together.

after doing some preperations at home – like seeing off zaoshen and cleaning the appartment – i went to my shixiong’s place one day before chuxi, the last day of the lunar year. Continue reading “spring festival – year of the rooster”

first training in 2017

today is the first day in 2017. weather was really nice. sunshine and blistering cold.

i went out to train in the late evening. after a little walk in the fields, i returned home and started with eight brocades right away. a short session. had a good feeling about the stretch effect in the lower back and hip region. then some movements from xiaohongquan. slowly and relaxed. Continue reading “first training in 2017”